Why Dogs Lick Feet

How To Get A Dog To Stop Licking

Intolerable Dog Licking

Does your dog constantly lick his or her paws? How about other parts of their body? Excessive licking can be the result of numerous factors, such as fleas, skin irritation and certain allergies. On the other hand, pain or emotional and mental issues like boredom can also be the cause of this. Below, you’ll read into some of the most common causes and what remedies can be used to help.

How come my dog licks itself all the time? This is a very common question amongst dog owners. It’s totally normal for dogs to lick themselves from time to time, but if this becomes excessive, it can indicate a number of potential problems.

With that being said, it is important to understand all the possible causes of excessive licking in dogs. If you’re having a hard time pinpointing why your dog just can’t stop licking, it’d be advisable to take a trip to a veterinarian. The only chance you have at stopping your dog from this issue is if you find the underlying cause of it.

Skin Issues That Can Cause Unnecessary Dog Licking

If your dog is licking themselves over and over again, perhaps check and find out if they could be suffering from these skin issues:

  • Allergies: A dog that’s susceptible to certain allergies can have itchy skin as a reaction. Therefore, the dog will tend to these issues by incessantly biting or licking their skin.If your dog begins licking after allergen exposure, it’s safe to assume that is likely the cause.
  • Fleas: Perhaps this is obvious, but flea bites can cause extreme itchiness. If you’re dog happens to be allergic to flea bites, this can perhaps be even more severe. Check for fleas if you’re dog is constantly licking and scratching.
  • Various Skin Issues: Other irritating skin issues, including ringworm, spots, mange, hives, etc. can cause your dog to excessively lick as well.

How To Stop Your Dog From Licking Your Feet (Updated 2017)

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