Why Does My Dog Lick My Ears?

Why Does A Dog Lick You

How Come Dogs Lick My Ears?

By now, you’re probably accustomed to your dog’s slobbery version of saying “hello.” Have you ever wondered why that’s the way the wish to greet you? Dogs can lick for a number of reasons including expressing affection, submission or perhaps a medical condition. Below are some common reasons as to why your dog could be doing so much licking…

How Come Dogs Lick You? Other Dogs? Themselves?

  • You’re Tasty! – Although it may seem disgusting to us, a human’s sweaty, salty skin can be of interest to a dogs who typically explore with their mouths and can be comfortable around the scent of their owner. The same reason your dog might steal your clothes or shoes; they’ll give you canine kisses. Also, the attention and endorphins described in the following can be both rewarding and delicious.
  • It’s “Rewarding.” – So, looking back on the last time your dog licked you, how did you react? Did you give them a scratch? Offer a snack? Did you say something like, “Stop!” All of these are positively reinforcing your dog’s action of licking you. They’ll be getting some sort of attention, which encourages more of the licking. Additionally, a dog that licks releases it’s endorphins, making it even more worthwhile.
  • To Express Submission – Perhaps your dog is licking to show submission, specifically if they’re licking another dog’s mouth. A wild puppy will lick it’s mother’s mouth to signal for her to feed the pup with the meat she’s just hunted. With that in mind, it makes sense for a domesticated dog to lick another, or a human, that they view as superior.
  • A Medical Condition – When a dog is constantly licking a certain spot, they could potentially be suffering from OCD or anxiety which both require the attention of a specialist. A dog that licks their feet excessively may have an itch as the result of an allergy. The same could be said for a pup licking their anal region, they could be experiencing allergies or they may also need their anal glands expressed. If you find your dog to be persistently licking themselves, people or objects, you should speak with a veterinarian to see if they have a specialist they’d be able to recommend.

For the most part, a dog is just trying to show his appreciation for you in the most typical, doggy fashion. For that, you should be grateful and relish in the moments!

How To Stop Your Dog From Licking Your Ears

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