Dogs Licking Feet

Dog Licking Paw

If you've owned dogs throughout the years, you've definitely experienced it. You wake up in the morning with your feet hanging off the bed and your dog licking the soles of your feet. It may not be your favorite way of being woken up. So why do they do it and how can we stop it?

Why Does My Dog Lick My Feet?

Dogs obviously cannot verbalize what they're feeling; instead they may resort to using their tongue as a form of communicating with their owners. Licking generally means your dog is showing submission and/or searching for some level of attention from the “pack leader” – meaning you. It's really just a way of communicating a level of status or deference to their owner.

Another reason for licking a person's feet is simply as a way to gather sensory information. Dogs have millions of tiny scent receptors throughout their noses and mouths, and they use their tongue to process the rather unique scents of a person's feet.

How To Stop Dogs Licking Feet (Updated 2017)

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