Dog Obsessive Licking

My Dog Keeps Licking His Paws

Possible Reasons For A Dog’s Excessive Licking

If there’s no apparent skin problems, there are still other possibilities you ought to consider:

  • Pain & Injuries: A lot of the time, when a dog’s in pain, they’ll lick their wounds as a sort of self-healing method that promotes blood flow. When it evaporates, the moisture that licking provides can serve as a topical anesthesia, which means that dogs will lick their sore spots even if there isn’t an obvious wound.
  • Emotional Issues: Dogs could start licking because of things like stress, anxiety and boredom, among other things. After awhile, if the problem persists, the licking can develop into an obsessive behavior. The more severe cases can lead to skin lesions and baldness.

Caution: Look Out For Lick Granulomas

Constant licking focused around the same area can lead to hair loss, severe lesions and sores and result in a condition referred to as lick granulomas.

Lick granulomas can result in infections that can be both painful and difficult to treat.

If your dog is continuously licking the same spot of their body, pay close attention and put a stop to it before they can cause more harm to themselves.

How To Stop Your Dog's Obsessive Licking Behavior(Updated 2017)

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